Fashion Passion

Sometimes it’s hard to keep up with all the latest trends – things change so quickly, and I for one don’t have the time or the budget to update my closet so regularly! Here are some DIY’s I found that can help give the clothes you already have a little update. Some of these ideas, would be perfect for that daughter, niece, or granddaughter  in high school or junior high, as well!

Happy DIY-ing!

1. Neon Toe Shoes

Neon Toe Shoes

 2. Maxi Skirt

Maxi Skirt

 3. Studded Shoes

Studded Shoes

4. Peplum Dress 

Peplum Dress

 5. Three Strap Bra

3 Strap Bra

 6. Men’s Polo Upcycle

Men's Polo Upcycle

 7. Vintage Dress Transformation

Vintage Dress Upcycle

 8. Cinch Tee

Cinch Tee

 9. Fitted Tee

Shirt Reconstruction

 10. Twist Dress

Twist Dress

 11. String Back Tee

String Tee