DIY backyard swing circle

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What’s better than sitting around a campfire drinking beer? How bout swinging around a campfire drinking beer!
At least, that’s what Dave Chenango was thinking when he posted the idea of a DIY backyard swing circle:

DIY backyard swing circle

building a backyard swing circle, *All photo credits & the idea itself goes to Dave

The list of materials heĀ used for this DIY project were:

6- Bags of Sacreete (or Quickcreete – whatever you call it) one for each upright.
6- 6x6x10’s (for the uprights)
6- 6x6x8’s for the top sections
6- 2x6x8’s for the stabilizers that go kitty corner on top of 6×6’s (for strength)
24- 3/8’s x 8″ lags for laggin the top horizontal pieces to the uprights (countersunk)
24- 4″ Deck screws for screwing the top pieces together horizontally before lagging them.
24 – 3″ Deck screws for screwing the top 2×6 stabilizers to the 6×6’s
10- 3/8×8″ eyebolts with nuts and washers for hanging the swings

The beauty of a project like this is that you can customize your own – use it as inspiration!

Check out the details of his build right here

If this project is a bit to complicated for you, maybe check out this DIY Pallet Swing or take on a smaller project with this baby swing.