Nail Band-Aid Tutorial

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I am a reformed nail biter! I do my best, but the first sign of a chip or hangnail, those babies are gone! This Bail Band-Aid Tutorial is truly terrific and I believe it will save my nails!

Nail Band-Aid Tutorial

Putting this to use right now! I will no longer let broken nails push off the wagon into the world of nail biting! Find the pictures and step by step tutorial- Random Tuesdays

7 thoughts on “Nail Band-Aid Tutorial

    • You need an unused teabag, nail glue, a small pair of sissors, tweezers and a fine Emory board. Empty the tea leaves out of the bag, then cut a piece large enough to fit over the break in the nail. Place a drop of glue on the nail, then place the piece of bag over it, then put another drop on top and let it dry. After it’s dried put one more drop on and after that’s dried use the emoryboard to smooth out any lump and the edge of the nail. Now you’re ready to paint your nail if you want. The whole process shouldn’t take more than 10 minutes. Hope this helps.

    • Yep, I use clean Lipton teabags to do this, sometimes paper towels (but only 1 sheet, not both). Works like a charm every time.

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