Ombre is here to Stay

By day, I’m a hair stylist at a salon in our downtown area, and I can’t tell you often I get requests for ombre hair color. For about a year now, I’ve also been hearing that the ombre is on its way out, yet I continue to see it everywhere. I can’t help but think that the ombre – in hair color, DIY, home decor, nail art…etc. – is here to stay. Check out this ombre paint tutorial. What do you think? Would you try this in your home? I would!

Read the step by step here.

Ombre Wall


One thought on “Ombre is here to Stay

  1. I have been noticing this trend more too and I don’t think it is on the way out at all. I would do exactly what you have posted here – have the turquoise color for a feature wall.

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