DIY Kool-Aid Lip Stain

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Kool-aid isn’t really a fall beverage. It does make a really terrific lip stain perfect for any season! Waste not, want not-use up that old Kool-aid and you will end with the most gorgeous DIY Lip Stain!

DIY Kool-Aid Lip Stain

The most difficult step in this DIY is deciding on the color of your Kool-aid! You can mix and match to get the perfect hue or stick with the packaged flavors. Cherry will get you orange red, tropical punch ends up bright red, and pink lemonade is barbie pink. Peach mango will be a nice and peachy, Strawberry Kiwi ends is a pretty light red, and grape is a light shade of purple! Once your color is picked, all you need to do is dampen your finger or lick your lips and press a coat of the powder on. Rub it completely over your lips and then go back with a Q-tip to smooth out any uneven spots or clumps. Wow! Check out the Kool DIY Lip Stain- The Beauty Department 

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