10 Delicious Paleo Recipes

I’ve been hearing a lot about the Paleo Diet lately. In fact, my own grandmother is on it. She can’t say enough good things about it, and she is looking absolutely fabulous. Not only did I scour the internet to find some delicious, simple, paleo recipes, I just bought myself a paleo cookbook. We’ll see how it goes… Enjoy!

1. Salmon Cakes

Salmon Cakes

2. Banana Bread

Banana Bread

3. Brownies


4. Cucumber Noodles w/ a Strawberry Vinaigrette

Cucumber Noodles

5.Pork Roast

Pork Roast

6. Pastrami Sirloin


7. Roasted Chicken with Veggies

Roasted Chicken and Vegetables

8. Sautéed Spring Veggies

Sauteed Veggies

9. Smoke Garlic Shrimp

Smoked Shrimp

10. Rosemary and Garlic Chicken Stew

Rosemary Chicken Stew

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