Outdoor Decor

I have found that as soon as starts to warm up outside, I am constantly looking for little projects to spruce up my outdoor space. These projects range in price and difficulty, but I think all of them are pretty adorable! Try one (or more!) of them out and see how the whole look of your yard can change!

 Add Curtain to your porch swing.

Curtained Swing

 Make an easy, affordable outdoor bench

Easy inexpensive outdoor bench

 Stitch something cute on your screen door

Stitched Screen Door

 Create a side table out of some old shutters

Shutter Side Table

 Make an outdoor table with wheels out of pallets

Pallet Table w Wheels

Add glow in the dark paint to your planters 

Glow in the Dark Planters

Use the frame from a paper lantern to plant a vine. When it fills in, it will be awesome!

Vine Lantern

Use an old shutter to hang some of your plants. 

Hanging Plants

Plant a vertical garden.

Vertical Garden

 Make your own garden swing. 

Garden Swing