DIY Wire Heart Bracelet

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I started Christmas shopping yesterday and it could get a little spendy this year if I buy something for everyone I care about! The only solution is to make some of the stocking stuffers and little gifts. I tried making a scarf the other day and the end result wasn’t “gift material.” More like a ball of yarn that had deformed into a scarf-like shape. DIY Wire Heart Bracelets I can absolutely do! So can you!
DIY Wire Heart Bracelet {adinserter Middle Post Ad}
3 supplies needed: 16 gauge half round half hard 14/20 gold filled wire, Jewelry pliers-round and flat (the pliers in the garage will probably be fine), and a cup. 8 stepts to complete your DIY. Run, don’t walk, but run on over to check out the DIY Wire Heart Bracelet Tutorial!- I Spy DIY