DIY Lip Balm Locket

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I can always use some more rooms in my purse. How great would it be to have my lip balm/gloss/stick in a locket?! Not only would it look amazing, but it would be a huge space saver in my already full hand bag!
DIY Lip Balm Locket {adinserter Middle Post Ad}
I love how this looks! Mix together any color lip stick, 1/2 t coconut oil, and 1 t grated beeswax in a saucepan. Heat pan. Stir about 30 seconds. Pour into locket. Tidy up any spill over and into the fridge. Presto! Follow the link for the tutorial on this clever Idea!- Beautylish  (Radical Possibilities has a tutorial on how to use a hair dryer instead of a saucepan). Let me know how it works for you!