DIY Fabric Covered Boxes

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I am always looking for new ways to get organized and new cubbies to hide my clutter! I like to save mementos; things like movie stubs, pictures, and trinkets. I wait till I have a good stash of stuff and then I go through and decided what is trash and what is treasure. Up until now I have recycled old shoe boxes. How much better is a DIY Fabric Covered Box? Much better.
DIY Fabric Covered Gift Boxes

Much better indeed! These boxes can be used for organization (hiding clutter), or in the spirit of the season, as gift boxes. Gather together some fabric or wallpaper (new or leftovers), boxes-those with separate lids, spray glue, scissors, ruler, and a pencil. One you have all your supplies you need to check out the terrific tutorial for DIY Fabric Covered Boxes-in my own style