DIY Scrabble Ring

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Scrabble is not the most popular game at our house.  Our last game,  I played “Xexon” and “Axe” at the same time on a triple word score and got 90 points! Now no one will play with me! Poor losers. I need a new use for my tiles! How perfect is this DIY Scrabble Ring!
DIY Scrabble Ring {adinserter Middle Post Ad}
Love at first sight! Isn’t this precious?! A three letter word is about all you can do (unless you are good with not bending your fingers).  I think I will use initials. What will you pick? With your word in mind, run on down to the garage/craft/hardware store. You are going to need a metal strap connector (2 inches long), jewelry glue, ring blank, and of course scrabble tiles! With all your supplies gathered, you are ready to follow the link for a DIY Scrabble Ring-Fashion Blog