DIY Perfect Beach Waves

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Ok, who DOESN’T want this look? You can’t go wrong with this beachy chic natural girl look. And it may not be as difficult as you may think!


If you have some natural curl, wash your hair with a curling shampoo and conditioner, this will give your waves a little more definition.

Also, you’ll want to alternate between two different size curling irons, pull random sections and curl. And make sure you are holding the iron vertically. This will give you spiral curls.

Once your hair has had time to cool, run your fingers through your hair to break it up, and then set with hair spray.

And if you don’t have much natural curl to your hair to begin with, use a texturizing spray on towel dried hair. There are also different “beach” cremes or products you can work in before towel drying your hair upside down. And that’s it!

Photo credit- Hairstyles and Beauty Tips