DIY Custom Glass Cups!

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Wow, this is amazing! Who knew you could cut glass without any special tools. This is why I love the DIY world, there’s so many cool things you can do that you would never think of on your own. This particular DIY may require a bit more caution than our regular post but still looks pretty doable!


The basic idea is you wrap yarn or twine around a bottle many times to get a nice solid loop. Then dip the twine in nail polish remover and place back on the bottle.


Light the twine, twist a slow rotation until the fire goes out then immediately plunge into a sink of cold water and Bam! Your bottle is now a cup. With a little sanding of the rim you’ll be ready to go.

There are a few safety concerns, so before trying this DIY make sure to check out the step by step instructions here- Drinking Made Easy