6 thoughts on “DIY Burlap Print!

  1. I love this idea with DIY Burlap Print! But I was wondering what kind of paint do you use? and once you get paint on burlap do you cover the painted burlap when you iron? So that paint does not stick to iron! Thank You!!

    • Thanks for your comment Sue! This tutorial uses simple fabric paint and most of them do. I have also seen some burlap painted with acrylic craft paint. The ironing step is after your paint is 100% dry. It is optional. Check out some other tutorials to help your get started!

    • Where did you purchase the burlap? I’m seeing a lot online and should order soon. Also, did you spray the placemat with any starch or anything to make it more stiff? Thank you! Such a great idea, so excited to make these.

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