DIY Bath Rugs

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I am such a klutz sometimes! I was cleaning the bathroom and ripped our waterproof shower liner. Oops. I still have a beautiful curtain, it just isn’t so water proof! A DIY Bath Rug is my quick fix for the extra water on the floor!

DIY Eco-Friendly Bath Rugs

Grab some old towels (2-3) and some gridded matting ( it is also called a latch rug canvas, rug canvas, or anti-slip mat). Cut the towels into 3/4 ” thick and 5-6″ long strips. Knot each strip along the grid (facing the same way). It is a little time consuming but your old towels have a new purpose and you have a new mat that will absorb tons of water! Perfect! This mat is literally throwing a towel on the floor soak up excess water! Link –The Craft Guild

2 thoughts on “DIY Bath Rugs

  1. Well, actually, it is not quite the same. You can soak up a puddle with a towel and then throw the towel into the laundry without much ado. This craft product is however not as easily washable. Just wanted to give you the heads up before you try this project featured at FineCraftGuild. Have fun making it through! I recommend you making it out of t=shirt yarn instead of towel to enhance it ‘washability’.

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