4 Summer Shirt Cut Out Ideas

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It’s so easy to get sick of the clothes in the closet! It seems like lately, I’m trying on 9 different outfits before I feel I can leave the house! (I hate it when that happens…).

Here are four easy DIY’s to spruce up the clothes you’ve already got without spending any money!

1. The Backless Tee

This is definitely the most simple of the four. Take an old tshirt, and cut a narrow triangle section out of the back. (CAUTION: don’t cut too high up, unless you don’t want to be able to wear a bra!) Tie the two ends you’ve just created together and there you go!


2. The Striped Back Tee

On the back of a tshirt, begin cutting slits about two to three inches apart. Leave at least three inches on the bottom. After you’ve cut your slits, cut the hemline off of the bottom of the shirt. Proceed to cut that into two and half to three inch sections. You’ll use those fabric pieces to wrap around the sections of the tee you cut. You can throw a stitch or two in there to secure the piece, or (like me) you can use a dab of hot glue.

Cut out stripes

3. The Diamond Back Tee

This looks much more complicated than it actually is. The most important part is marking off the sections you don’t want to cut. Trace a diamond shape on the center of the back of a tshirt (you can do just about any shape you’d like here!). The mark a one to two inch border around the back of the shirt. Again, this is where we’ll stop cutting, so it’s really up to you where you want this to be. Take a pair of scissors and begin cutting narrow strips in between the diamond shape and border. Do this all the way around the shirt.

Diamond Cut Out

4. The Bow Back Tee

This DIY does require some sewing. It’s a more complicated version of the striped back tee. Use a scrap fabric you’ve got lying around that ¬†you like. Cut it into three by five inch strips. (The amount of these you cut will depend on how far down the shirt you want to go). Cut the same amount of one by two inch strips. Next, cut a section out of the back of the tshirt. I’d make sure it was no more than six inches wide and no less than four inches. Head to the sewing machine! Sew in the bigger sections on each side of the section you cut out. After you’re finished with that, take the smaller fabric pieces, wrap it around the center of the bigger fabric pieces, creating the bow shape. Throw a stitch or two in there to secure the middle piece (or use hot glue again!)


Happy DIY-ing!

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