10 days in a Carry-on

Anyone going on vacation? Me! I’m not sure where yet, but there is going to be some traveling happening over Christmas holiday. I am a chronic over packer. Doesn’t everyone bring a separate bag for their shoes? This year I would like to cut back on my packing and learn from the professionals. 10 days in a carry-on! Yes please!

10 days in a Carry-on {adinserter Middle Post Ad}
See the after picture down below. Amazing right?!

10 days in a Carry-on This is brilliant! Simple common sense that will save you so much sense. I am going to apply this for my next vacation! Game on-just as soon as I decided where I am going. Get all the details at the The Everyday Minimalist 

(This was originally posted in an article for the The New York Times but without a subscription your can’t view it all.)